Thursday, May 17, 2018

10 Ways to Improve Communication with Family

One extremely important aspect of a healthy relationship with a loved one is communication.  The vast majority of us need to improve communication with partner's, children, other family members, friends, and even co-workers. Below you will find some helpful tips to improve communication with your loved ones:

  1. Take some time to thinl before you speak. Time outs can help you cool off before a talk. Write down your points, thoughts and feelings and process them before you talk.
  2. Listen with intent. turn off electronics devices and focus on what he/she is saying. Ask for clarity to prevent misunderstandings or conflicts. Repeat what you heard them share.
  3. Discuss issues, don't attack. Use "I" statements. Own your feelings. You could say "I feel worried when you run late" instead of saying "you're always late and you make me worry".
  4. Keep your voice low and pleasant. This tip can save a lot of fights and your household will have a healthier atmosphere. 
  5. Stick to the subject. Don't list the ten other issues you've been meaning to bring up. One issue at a time. 
  6. Be brief and specific. this tip can help prevent long lectures and preaching. Long winded talks may cause barriers and more issues with communication. 
  7. Watch your non-verbals. Make good eye contact. Watch your personal space (arms length apart) and limit hand gestures or crossing your arms.
  8. Be open and honest. Secrets keep you sick! Hiding emotions can cause you to implode (depression) or explode (anger outbursts).
  9. Stay in the here and now. Don't bring up things from the past. Veering into the past may help escalate conflicts and tension. 
  10. Be receptive to feedback. Stay cool-headed, open minded, and reasonable. Maybe what's being shared is something you need to hear to help make you a better person and help your relationship. Don't answer complaints with a complaint.
Using the abovementined tips can help you improve the quality of your relationships with other's. When we have healthy motives, use courtesy and politeness with communication our loved will feel respected. Practice these tips and begin to talk to those you love and watch your relationship improve.